A small design studio with a huge heart


Swedish coupon company Slize needed some help with their app. We redid everything from scratch: scaled features, solid wireframes and hotted up their app with a fresh clean look.

Hang a Friend

A modern take on the classic pen and paper guessing game "Hang a Friend". Register, challenge a friend and use powerups make it easier for you or harder for your opponent.


An online travel agent with a prediction system on top of it. Launched at Launch Festival, San Francisco in May. I was the Lead designer for 8 months from August, 2012.


Indexing well over 750,000,000 real-time photos from Instagram, Twitpic & more (all via Twitter) and turning them into a widget you can paste to any site in a matter of seconds.


Mobile website for Michelin corporate made at Blast Radius, Amsterdam. I did the visual design based on the graphic profile of the brand and wireframes by the agency.